11 Dec 2013

2 Dec 2013

floral coalition flower school {summer}

back in may miss pickering and i taught another floral coalition flower school in stamford. time flies. suddenly it's december and i haven't even told you about it yet...

i love our little teaching and blog project. the enthusiastic students who all come to learn, ask a ton of questions and relish in us thrashing out the ups and downs, smiles and frowns of flowering. it's wonderful watching them all leave with armfuls of confidence and a wheelbarrow of flowers. but because we're british and self-promotion doesn't come naturally, i'll borrow some words from a thank you letter instead to tell you how brilliant we are:

i drove home on a glorious summer evening through the english countryside, with a car full of flowers and the scent of mint and pelargonium leaves. i can honestly say (having spent the last year) going on courses and workshops up and down the country that yours was absolutely the best. 

(insert applause)

i also need to let you know that the floral coalition is once again undertaking the december photo project (one photo every day for the month). i did it last year and full disclosure, it's a bit of an endurance test. but as a wise man once said, a well adjusted person is one who can make the same mistake twice, so once more unto the breach my friend. 

27 Nov 2013

that'll do

stand by for link overload

i read a thing last week by the artist grayson perry, worth it alone for this particular little nugget:

my wife has this theory that the happiest people are people who say, “that will do.” today, i went to buy a bin, just for the fricking kitchen here in the studio, you know, but the ones they had in the hardware shop i didn’t like, so i’m still without a bin and I’ll waste another hour trying to find the right bin somewhere. somebody who goes “that will do” is probably the happier person in the long run.

grayson, i am a changed woman.

also if you haven't already been reading them, the sophie heawood columns for vice are just so, so good. try this one she wrote yesterday about love and why modern life is a bit rubbish. or this one, which nails british culture so well i keep going back to it over and over. or if you just want to binge on the whole damn lot then just go here.

in the meantime, here are some flowers i made last week for my favourite drawsmith johanna basford.

6 Nov 2013

pink to make the boys wink

the colour trend forecasters are all over it, so apparently it's back on.
it's like barbara never left.